Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bacon For President Unveils Christmas Ad

On Christmas Day, you can usually find the "yule log" fireplace somewhere on television. It's a nice background video to have onscreen (if you're not fortunate to have the real thing) whilst conversing with family and friends. But hold on...

At KAR, we offer a new yule log that does double duty: enjoy the sizzle that's the schnizzle. And, see and hear why bacon was so easily picked by KAR for our presidential candidate. If you look closely, you'll see a cross image floating next to the bacon. Some might say, "Hey dork: it's the gas stove-top grates." That's for you to decide. As an added bonus, you'll see boobies near the end (Hey dork, it's two eggs — but again, that's for you to decide).

Fire up your computer, crank your speakers to 11, and make your yuletide gay with deliciousness. We can't loop it, but you can click the replay button all day.

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