Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It was only a matter of time

We all knew it would come. And so it has:

Words have power, and the rising cacophony of aspersions cast toward the only female candidate [Hillary] should spur a thoughtful debate about the status and roles of women in the United States today.

In other words: Stop picking on the girl.

She's a goddamn US Senator running for President and Dale is Stahl of Chanhassen is worried about her status as a woman.

Sorry, Dale, but HRC is being targeted because she’s the bleeding front runner and her opponents are going for the kill.

(Oh, and you are a sexist pig for assuming she can’t stand up for herself.)

It’s all part of the full-contact blood sport called politics. If you can’t take it, you might just as well hide your lace panty-covered ass under the duvet until Election Day comes and goes.

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