Monday, December 03, 2007

Moron Mail

Ah, the holidays. It's the time of year for peace, joy, love, generosity, and telling sanctamonious enviromental whackjob buzzkillers to suck on it:

In the spirit of the recent momentum toward energy conservation, I would like to address those people who insist on cramming the tiny plot of land in front of their house with tacky Christmas decorations and an intemperate display of lights:

When I can see the glow from down the street and around the corner, you have officially reached the point of overkill. If you are one of those people who save up all year to pay for your December electric bill just so you can add just one more thing, or who must top last year, or who must keep up with the Joneses, please give a gift to Mother Earth and unplug for Christmas.

This wanton use of resources has to come to an end if we are all to exist on this planet. Here are some tangible things we all can do today: turn off the lights, downsize and rotate, reduce our footprint.

We all love this season of giving. So let's give back.


Suck on it:

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