Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Moron Mail

All your Viking belong to us:

Well, well, well --

I hate this guy already.

how many people are trying to jump on the Minnesota Vikings' bandwagon now?

Every single native Minnesotan raises his or her hand.

The Vikings are proving that "patience is a virtue."

Actually, they've always proven that: "Wait 'til next year..." Repeat.

To those of you who gave up on this team when it was 2-5: We don't want you back!

Oh snap! Take that Chad.

I wonder how they will keep the bandwagoneers out? With a secret handshake, perhaps?

A true fan sticks by their team regardless of its record -- as painful as that can be.

While I agree with this sentiment, and despise the overall annoyingness of fair-weather fans (especially those who only come out to talk smack in the good times, and use their apathy as a shield from smack in the lean times *coff*Elder*coff), it had never occurred to me to announce their ostracization with a letter to the editor.

This is undoubtedly why Chad and I are still on speaking terms.

(CLOSED CIRCUIT TO ELDER: I always thought it would be funny if one of our legendary smack-offs spilled over into the mainstream press. But then I become aware that we both have a life, and moved beyond it.)

That's what I and the other true Vikings fans have done.

"true Vikings Fans"? You mean there's another one????

As for the rest of you: Shame on you. Nobody likes a bandwagon fan!


No, Bonermann, you've got it all wrong! You see, the Vikings, with their 4-game winning streak, have completely FUBARed their 2008 draft. Now the best player the Vikes can get with a mid-round pick will be an underachieving corner or an over-hyped linebacker. Their late season surge has compromised this once-proud 30 years ago) franchise's future! FAIL!

Right, Chad?

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