Thursday, December 20, 2007

Well, It All Depends on What the Definition of "Sock" Is, Now Doesn't It?

Eric Black parlays his Suckie Award into a new gig:

Effective in the New Year, Black Ink and your humble ink-stained wretch will join

Black Ink will become a page on MinnPost’s site and my scribbling (or a link to it) will appear on MinnPost’s cover.

I am parting on good and friendly terms with the Minnesota Monitor, where my work over the past months has been published, and I wish my esteemed colleagues there the very best

Now, you know that we here at KAR prefer to discuss ideas, the use of rhetoric for political purposes, bacon and poop. We try to avoid gossipy people-oriented twaddle (unless we're parodying Ken Aviweiner). So you'll be relieved to know that there's another paragraph to Black's farewell address:

I’ve always meant to write piece titled “Who Pays Me?” Never got around to it. But if I had, I would have said that I was working under a contract with the Center for Independent Media (CIM), a Wasington-based non-profit, which is the parent organization of the Monitor and three other similar state-based sites.

Well, yes. That is the standard answer.

And I would have said that the silly [oh, Eric... I am going to have to rhetorically bludgeon the living shit out of you in a moment for that adjective -ed.] attack [and that one too -ed.] meme of some conservative bloggers that the Monitor was staffed by George Soros sock puppets was nonsense. Soros’ foundation is one of several that contribute to the CIM so I guess I have some Soros money in my checking account,

And it bears mentioning here in a non-parenthetical paragraph that this is the very first time anywhere in the year and change history of MinniMoni that anyone connected with that website has admitted as much. Why?

but I was never asked, pressured or even encouraged to promote any particular point of view and the same goes for the Monitor’s other writers.

Well, if you are using the narrowest definition of "sock puppet," then I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

But if you have more respect for the language and its sometimes colorful idioms, this is a Clintonian dodge. And lest we never forget that Soros' flagship joint, MoveOn was originally founded to cast recriminations at Republicans who were in the process of impeaching Bill Clinton.

Say your house has a mouse infestation. And further assume that you are an old-timey sort that doesn't believe in exterminators or mouse traps. So instead, you buy a cat.

Do you have to tell a cat to go hunt the mice?

NO! Of course not, silly! The cat just goes and gets the mice, because that's what cats do.

Of course they don't tell CIM fellows what to write. The sugar daddies funding the operation already know what will be written. I mean, if you get enough leftybloggers in one room, one thing you can bet they won't do is hammer out a compelling defense of of the flat tax. No, the import of the funding sources relate not so much to the editorial content, but to the blog's raison d'etre. And George Soros doesn't give a flying crap about "citizen journalism" in any sense that it would benefit the public at large. He wants liberals in power, and he wants them left alone. That's it.

To think otherwise - and to think those concerns are petty - is "silly".

So, the sock puppet slur aimed at MinnMoni and its minions is based on three things. First, it's paying to get more "eyes on the ground" to dig up dirt on the Party Opposite that may be used in ads and the media to win elections. In other words A paid journalistic (term used incredibly loosely) hit squad. You know why you hate Michael Brodkorb as much as you do (we hear about it on an almost hourly basis)? What the hell makes you think you're any different?

Oh, that's right. You have a "code" of "ethics".

Second, the payment of leftybloggers to barf out yellow journalism they'd gladly do for free anyway offends a lot of bloggers who have or who aspire to build their sites and their readership to the point where they maybe - maybe -might make enough off of Blogads to pay their domain costs with their talent. "Oh, geez. I guess all I had to do was bitch about global warming, slime Michele Bachmann on a daily basis and find a sugar daddy."

Third is the almost stultifying hypocrisy. MinnMoni demands transparency from others. But it just took one year and four months for anyone to give an acceptable, nonglib answer to "who's paying your stipends"? Sorry, Black, but you can't purport your site engages in "serious journalism," while at the same time it a) all looks like so much left-wing propaganda, and b) refuses (until today) to tell us who's paying you when held to that same standard of transparnecy by us loathsome "attack" bloggers. Ever heard the phrase "consider the source"? Some folks actually do like to do that. Or is that just "silly"?

And as a slight digression, if the things you have written about Rachel Paulose, Michele Bachmann and us "conservative attack blogs" aren't "attacks" themselves, then what are they?

I just wish you had posted this after the first of the year so I could give you a 2008 Suckie.

UPDATE: WELCOME INSTAPUNDIT READERS...clicking through from Captain's Quarters!


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