Friday, January 18, 2008

Are "Change" slogans successful? Not so much.

"Change" is the shizzle catch word this election year. I'm sick to death of it already.

Today, I found hilarity at The Peoples' Cube, where they take Obama's change message to the next level. This graphic made me spit out my Kool Aid Jammers.

They also created Obama "Cafe Press"-style trinkets, sure to help promote that change message.

In 2006, a local loser candidate ran on a "change" theme...

Change equaled FAIL for Coleen Rowley. After getting pwn3d in the election, she put up her change trinkets on eBay to pay off campaign debt. I submitted this updated logo to her.

Spare us the "change" meme, candidates. Bacon is where it's at.

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