Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blog for Bacon Day 2008

[NOTE: Last year KAR started "Blogs for Uranus Day" as an alternative blogburst for people who didn't want to participate in "Blog for Choice Day," as well as for those who think blogbursts are dumb. Blogs for Uranus turned out to be an unqualified success, with literally several bloggers taking part. We decided to continue the tradition this year, but have changed the cause as all the Uranus puns have been used up. Others taking part in Blogs for Bacon Day will be noted in the bottom of this post. Happy Blog for Bacon Day!]

Us men have been through some dark days. Ever since the invention of bacon, the media, so-called "medical experts" and our wives have been telling us how unhealthy bacon is. Some of the more desperate amongst us were forced to eat our bacon in other states or back alleys to avoid detection. But while the U.S.D.A. continues to approve bacon for sale, we must continue our fight to keep bacon safe, legal and plentiful.

Bacon will always be available for (white) upper class men who need or want it. They can fly to Europe, drive to Canada (for the substandard Canadian bacon), or take a quick weekend to Mexico City. Other men -- poor mofos and men of color may not always be so lucky. If the anti-bacon movement succeeds in criminalizing bacon, it will be the worst off that will pay the price. *

You often hear in movies or TV shows a character say to another who has saved his life, "You really saved my bacon." Think about that. Bacon, as a metaphor for life. That is why we fight against the health Nazis who would take away our right to eat bacon. Because it is a matter of life and death. Not only ours, but our children's as well. Do we want to leave our children a world in which they cannot eat bacon? The mere thought sends shivers up and down my spine. And makes me hungry for bacon.

And that is why I blog for bacon today. For the children.

*This paragraph was lifted wholesale from a Blog for Choice and only slightly modified.


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