Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Color of Envy and Gold

The recent elevated smack regarding the Packers (next game: Sunday at 5:30) and the Vikings (next game: sometime next September) has generated a lot of email. Here's a sampling.

First, here's an email from "Aynonamus" who takes issue with a recent post in which I called Vikings fans morons:

I m so sik of loosers lik yoo riping on teh Vykingz! You suk! Teh packerz suk! Vikens rool! Suk a fart out a my ass you big jurk. Vikeen fans is far more smarter then Paker fans is.

And classier too. Obviously.

Next, Biff from Sheboygan writes:

Who is this Chad guy? Does he have Down Syndrome or something?

Ha ha! No. Chad is an otherwise reasonable guy who can only talk pigskin when he has completely shut down all brain functions. This explains why he thinks that there's some sort of shame in rooting for a team that might lose to the greatest team in the history of the NFL in the Super Bowl. Keep in mind that most Pack faithful thought before the season began that the Pack go 8 and 8, or maybe 9 and 7. Brett Favre himself remarked before the season that "We could be 6 and 10 or we could be 10 and 6." Hell, even if the Pack loses in the NFC Championship game (and Sports Illustrated is pulling out all the stops to make that happen), they've already far exceeded at least this fan's wildest expectations.

There's no shame in losing to this Patriots team (or hell, even this Giants team) when you're this deep in the playoffs.

On the other hand, there's all kinds of shame in sending 8 players to the Pro Bowl and finishing 8 and 8.

Another letter, this from a Viking fan:

Ya wel Farv's old and hes gonna retyre soonn. Than the Paykers are goin too bee teh suck!

Was I the only one who saw Aaron Rogers play in the Dallas game?

And, actually, all the rest of the emails are pretty much like those, so I'll just stop here.

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