Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Deconstructing Obama's "Q" "O" Rating

While "real" feminists are busy trying to manufacture outrage over an innocuous Target ad, we here at the Kool Aid Report have noticed a very slick advertising technique employed by Barack Obama's campaign. It is far more subtle than a picture of some babe spread eagle on a Target logo, yet it is far more insidious.

Names that start with the letter "O" are unique in presidential politics. You simply don't see very many surnames that begin with "O". Obama and his supporters have noticed this, as you can see by some of the logos that have been made, seizing on the uniqueness of that initial. For example, this one was rendered by a supporter who made that famous Obama video / send up of the classic Apple Computers ad a few months back:

And here is the official Obama for President logo, which also employs the "O" motif:

It is my assertion that the Obama Campaign and its supporters are using the fortuitous spelling of Obama's last name to subliminally win the female vote. Don't believe me? Think about it.

What do you think of when you see a big "O"? Where have we heard that before?


Now, who's more interested in getting the big "O"? Well, sure men are. But they hardly have any trouble having one. Hell, your average dude usually has about 5 of them before he even gets out of the shower in the morning. But women...that's another story. Guys aren't going to vote for someone just because his logo is a euphemism for "orgasm". They can get as many as they want without resort to the ballot.

So the subtle message here is that Obama = The Big "O". And Obama's shrewdly calculated political strategy of being black with all the implications that image carries, further drives this genius strategy home.

Very, very clever.

(Word has it that the Clinton campaign contemplated using a similar tactic, but after some scrutiny and focus group testing they scrapped it, as "Vote for the Big C" just didn't sound very good.)

Iron Matron piling on:

Bacon also has an "o" in it, albeit a small "o." It matters not, as most who've tasted Bacon never go back, and copious consumption of Bacon can lead to multiple Bac-Os. KAR proudly unveils Bacon's new campaign logo:

Taste the satisfaction!

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