Friday, January 04, 2008

Haven't We Already Had This Conversation?

FOOT: Hey Bill. How was your holiday?

BILL: Fantastic! I traveled to Japan!

FOOT: Ooooo exotic. What did you do there?

BILL: Well, I wanted to be among the first in the world to ring in the new year. But I also wanted to partake in the Japanese tradition, fukubukuro.

FOOT: ...

BILL: What?

FOOT: Sounds kinda Brokeback...

BILL: What are you talking about?

FOOT: Well, you know - I mean, I guess I really didn't need to hear about that.

BILL: About what????!!!!

FOOT: Hey, don't get me wrong. What you do on your vacation is your business...

BILL: Hey, man - you asked me what I did during my vacation in Japan and I told you: I celebrated New Years Eve and fukubukuro.

FOOT: And there it is again...

BILL: Is what again?

FOOT: "Fukubukuro".


FOOT: Like I said, Bill, if you want to Fukuda the Aso of some Japanese cowboy, that's your business. Just don't fill me in with the details, m-kay?

BILL: ...

BILL: Ohhhhhhhhhh! I get it! You thought I said "fuk" -

FOOT: - "a buckaroo," yes.

BILL: No, you moron. It's a Japanese word.

FOOT: You don't say.

BILL: Yes.

FOOT: Meaning?

BILL: "Lucky sack".

FOOT: ...

BILL: ...

FOOT: ...

BILL: ... Er, it's not what you think.

FOOT: No - NO! Don't explain. I'll just be leaving now.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Since I cannot possibly write anything today that will top this post, the remainder of the 2007 in Review series will have to wait until next week. Not that you care or anything.

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