Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just to Emphasize the Point

Chad plays to his weakness (football smack) and actually gets something right:

Since there seems to be some confusion on the matter, allow me be perfectly clear: as a Vikings fan you in good conscience can not in any circumstances ever pull for the Packers. EVER.

He's absolutely right. But let me add one thing to bring his point on home:

We don't want you. We don't want any bandwagon-jumping lame smack-talking football illiterates giving us a post facto slap on the back saying "I always did respect that Favre, even though he SUCKS." We put in the heavy lifting, staying with our team through the wretched days in the wilderness of the 70's and 80's, and the mediocre malaise of the Sherman era. Not yours. Piss off.

But, like a hockey player who's lost too much blood (and teeth), Chad yammers on long enough to give us another jewel that he's so known for:

Although Vikings fans are wandering in the playoff wilderness, it's not only a time of suffering and tribulation. There still is room for joy, albeit of a different nature. My favorite Super Bowl was XXXII when the Broncos downed the favored Packers. Seeing the Packers lose and knowing that the hopes and dreams of their fans had been crushed was about as good as a Super Bowl gets for a Vikings fan...

I'm sure it is. But I wouldn't know. The last time the Vikings lost a Super Bowl, I was 7.

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