Thursday, January 03, 2008

Moron Mail

We interrupt the series of wistful retrospective posts for an Emergency Moron Mail.

Regarding Adam Freedman's Dec. 27 column, "How would you diagram this sentence?": The Second Amendment is very clear that it only means militia, not that everyone has the right to keep and bear arms. Were that the case there would be no need to even mention the word militia.

Ah, but if the protections of the 2nd Amendment only related to militias, then there would not be any reason to mention "the right" or "of the people" or "to keep and bear arms". Right? See, you have to read the whole thing, not just the parts that may support your argument, such as it is.

This Supreme Court abandoned logic and even common sense when it anointed W for president in 2000 -- so now the justices could turn America into one big shooting gallery.

Ah yes, the non sequitur-o-licious bitterness that still burns from an election that was held 7 years ago. With a side of baseless alarmism! To go!

Bush appointed justices who could read, which thankfully remains the paramount skill to thrive in any level of the legal profession. Unfortunately, as this letter illustrates, it remains optional for those thrusting themselves into the civic discourse.


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