Thursday, January 24, 2008

Moron Mail

Ryan fisked this yesterday, but I feel the need to also rant as this letter contains both anti-Packer sentiment as well as hysterical global warming pap.

If you want to start up a good discussion about how "green" the Green Bay Packers are, the Star Tribune should do an article about the energy required to heat a football field in open air to 50 degrees in 1- below conditions with a 23-below wind chill. I think that the fans and the public would be amazed at the amount of energy consumed to accomplish this feat! They will also find out that the Packers really aren't that green.


I feel an epic rant coming on.

I think I have the solution that would curb the amount of carbon gases humans emit into the atmosphere:

Ban the Global Warming industry.

Think about it: every few months you here about another confab attended by hundreds of scientists (except for the hundreds of other ones that don't agree with them) who travel thousands of miles to some exotic place far away from where any of them live in different fossil fuel-guzzling jets to meet in a large air conditioned room and make slide-show and Power Point presentations on equipment powered by fossil fuel generated electricity. Then some of them have to travel other places in those planes and then rent an SUV to get the venue where they collect some award for their "good work" in yet another large air-conditioned and well lit room. Meanwhile, newspapers kill millions of trees to make paper on which they print stories about these same "scientific" conclaves and awards. Oh - the newspaper uses 75% post consumer recycled paper? Ah yes, paper that is collected from our curbs and office buildings using fossil fuel powered trucks and manufactured in plants which also need electricity to make the end product. And then it's shipped out to market in semis.

And let's not even get into all the carbon gases Al Gore belches into the atmosphere conducting his crusade to save the earth.

But in one of the most egregious non sequiturs this ThunderJournalist has ever seen, this Moron Mailer wants to -


It is coming...

Prepare yourself...

Let the hype...



- can take your stupid anti-football non sequitur and rim yourself with it. And then when your anus is nice and raw, go squat in a bowl of Tobasco sauce. Twit.

Seriously. Using the first word in the name of a city as an excuse to poop out your propaganda? Non sequiturs are for lame-os.

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