Thursday, January 10, 2008

O'Bonermort Speaks (Out of Ass)

If you've never read the local poli-blog MNPooplius, other than considering yourself lucky, you should know that it basically is the lefty version Minnesota Tics Exposed. When they're not felating their favorite Dem candidate (or all of them) for whatever office, the Pooplius semi-pubescents are usually flogging some story or another running down a Republican. The only real differences between the two sites, are 1) MNPooplius' superior spelling and grammar; and 2) Brodkorb has more and better contacts -- meaning he generally gets better stories than the Pooplius party drones, and he gets them first. I could link to some examples, but it's probably just easier if you headed over there yourselves and perused Pooplius' front page and archives. (Well, OK, here's a link to all 176 posts they wrote about Mark Kennedy.) All other things being equal (up to and including their respective involvements in party matters and campaigns) they can both accurately be called "partisan hit blogs."

However, when you peruse the local blogs and media coverage you see all kinds of outrage and base insults directed at Brodkorb while the Pooplius kids get none; or sometimes even praise. And this occurs even though their aims and tactics are basically the same. I think that there are a couple of reasons for this:

1) Tics see him as a threat;

2) Tics are flaming hypocrites; and

3) The Tic Party is full of whiny bitches.

There are of course exceptions.

But anyhoo, it's refreshing to see Tim O'Brien finally looking at the two blogs through an objective lens calling out MNPooplius for a change:

"Ron Carey went above and beyond the call of incompetence today," said Sean at MnPublius (9). "... The chair of the Minnesota Republican Party is taking a leadership role in a campaign, that is participating in an election that he has extraordinary power to affect. ... If I'm a Republican caucusgoer -- how can I be sure that my vote is going to count, when I know the guy who controls the counting is working for one of the sides?"

See Tim? Was that so -

Oh wait.

Ha ha! Oops. I guess I was reading the Blog House cross-eyed. I accidentally transposed the above quote (uncommented upon by O'Bonermort) with the one immediately below it:

After DFLer Kevin Dahle defeated Republican Ray Cox in the Senate District 25 special election last week, blogger Michael Brodkorb wrote, "Negative politics works ... . According to sources close to the race, the DFL didn't spend any money on promoting a positive message about Dahle." Considering the level of issues analysis and thoughtful debate found on Brodkorb's blog, Minnesota [Tic]s Exposed (10), he'd better count on negative politics working. Otherwise, he'd be out of a job.

Yeah, Tim. Because Brodkorb's the only one who does it.

The level of issues analysis and "thoughtful debate" found on MNPooplius is so much better? To a kool aid sucking hack, maybe. They're the same thing O'Bonermort. The. Same. Thing.

So why the disparate treatment?

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