Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Actually, Following The Same Logic, A Case Could Be Made That Linking to Certain Lefty-Blogs Could Also Constitute Torture

Are you a lefty who is outraged - OUTRAGED - about how there can even be a debate on whether or not waterboarding is torture? You are? Good. Here's some unsolicited advice:

Then you might want to consider purging morons like this from your ranks:

Saint Paul Police are asking for tasers!

“Tasing” is invisible torture. It’s as brutal and pain-inflicting as kicking someone in the teeth, or burning their skin with hot brands, or hanging them up the wrists when their arms are bound behind their backs. It’s as terror-inducing as water-boarding. Only because its agony is inflicted invisibly upon the human beings who are their victims are Tasers misperceived to be anything but morally abhorrent.

Because if you have people on your side willing to make the argument (by implication) that the only accptable method for police to subdue a violent, dangerous and threatening perp is to beat him with a nightstick or shoot him - or, alternatively, it's never acceptable to subdue them - then you can't really blame reasonable people for ignoring you. Reasonable people don't like wasting time listening to mental masterbationists spouting off stupid shit. Defining "torture" down to non-lethal, unsustained force to prevent immediate harm to innocents, is the very definition of "stupid shit."

Try not to let these overwrought and underthought positions see the light of day. It hurts your cred.

You're welcome.

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