Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bacon Is Coming To The RNC Convention!

As it appears all sewn up for McCain as the RNC candidate, and Huckabee will likely turn his sites to primo-paying talk gigs, I wonder: what's the next strategic campaign move for Bacon? How can we make sure he has a presence in St. Paul this September at the RNC convention? As Bacon's campaign publicist, I've been struggling for ideas.

Then it struck me. Delegates and convention-goers will get hungry. Media pundits will be looking for a quick bite between hair and makeup retouches. Displaced downtowners who can't get a seat at Mickey's Diner will be looking elsewhere for eats. Hairy-and pierced-in-places-we-don't-like protesters will surely need sustenance.

Voila! Bacon can reach across the aisle, satisfy the hungry — and garner votes in the process — as the "Official street food vendor to the RNC Convention." Picture a vendor/campaign volunteer stationed on every corner...

Who could resist from putting one of these in their mouth?

Bacon. Deliciousness we can believe in... victory we can taste.

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