Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good News for Everyone Still Working on Yesterday's Homework

Yesterday, I challenged KAR-Nation to write an essay about how lefties abuse the language to skew reality (difficulty: keep it under 100,000 words). Here's some more fodder in the rare case you need help.

Yes, when their mommies aren't shlepping them around Wayzata to soccer practice or posture classes, the boys at MNPooplius can occasionally pop of a corking good line (emphasis in original):

House Republican Caucus: Moderates Need Not Apply

At a press conference at the Capitol today, House Republican Leader Marty Seifert declared war on the moderate wing of his party and announced that the “Override 6″ have been stripped of their committee leadership posts.

Since when can ditching your own party's basic philosophy (not to mention that of your constituents) to help enact a 6.6 billion dollar tax hike (one of the largest in history) be characterized as "moderate"?

You kids are so cute when you're being moronic.

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