Monday, February 11, 2008

Greatest. Online. Shopping. Experience. Ever.

Valentines Day sucks for men; especially so for men who want to buy underthings for their sweeties. First, there's the general creepy perviness you feel from poring over racks of women's underwear in public. Then there's the inevitable groin kicks that come after asking the hotter store employees to model some thong that looks interesting. It's a dangerous dangerous game.

But those days are over. Now you don't have to risk gonadal damage to see what some small piece of fabric looks like on a human being before you buy it. For this day, I give you KnickerPicker! (Not safe for work, unless you work in a brothel.)

Yes, with a simple click, these virtual models will help you choose the perfect V-Day gift for your babe. You can change their undies, beckon them closer, and turn them around. And around. And around.

Or, you could just forget about the shopping part and just look at the models in different thongs.

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