Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Hate Your F&%^ing Guts! (Why Won't You Talk to Me?)

Oh look - our favorite local unhinged twit Karl is getting more free bandwidth from a compliant media:

Last week, I momentarily felt honored, like the Queen invited me to her court.

Well, not really. But after seven years of representing me in the Legislature and Congress, I finally got my first call from Michele Bachmann, inviting me to engage in a question-and-answer session with her.

Let's be fair - a foreign concept for Karl, to be sure - Michele Bachmann represents Karl about as much as Keith Ellison represents Dementee. She's more beholden to the folks who put her in office than she is to babbling perpetually-outraged fuckwits like Karl here.

OK, not exactly. I got an anonymous robo-call from somewhere telling me to stay on the line and I could participate in a tele-town forum with the congresswoman. A few seconds later, I became party to a conversation between Bachmann and another caller.

Well, sort of. I could hear both sides of their conversation, but I couldn't participate in it. Eventually, robo-voice advised me to press "star-three" to signal that I wished to ask the congresswoman a question myself. So I did, and thus began a 25-minute wait through an endless stream of friendly callers that ended abruptly without me ever getting to talk to Michele.

Which was a huge plus to all the unsuspecting Town Hall participants who have a low tolerance for specious bullshit.

Welcome to constituent service, Bachmann style.

Actually, you can contact the Congresswomen's office at any time. Of course the downside to this method of obtaining "constituent service" for people like Karl, is that there's no spectators to witness your attempts to embarrass the Congresswoman or your condescending self-righteous demagoguery.

Because, let's face it: that's really what Karl's main beef is. He wants to be heard, not by Bachmann, but by everybody else. He knows he's not going to change her mind about anything. He just wants a large forum in which his rage doesn't feel quite so impotent.

I know these things. I was at the John Kline Town Hall Meeting / Moonbat Narcisism Festival.

Our 6th District congresswoman isn't known for her robust communication with constituents — at least not those on her list of supporters. In fact, Bachmann has nurtured a reputation over the years for not communicating with constituents at all, unless it serves to promote herself or her agenda in some way. Rare is the constituent who disagrees with Michele Bachmann and receives even an acknowledgement of a letter, email or phone call.

Again to be fair, Bachmann doesn't so much have "detracters" as she has "sociopathic stalkers with way too much time on their hands." Would you answer an invitation from a person who has made it his or her sole purpose in life to destroy you?

Go read (actually, a better term might be "experience") the Dump Bachmann "blog" and give me one reason Bachmann should give these socially maladjusted smear merchants like Bremmer the time of day.

Constituent service? Suck it Karl. Bachmann's not going to sponsor a constitutional amendment making gay marriage a federal secular sacrement, in deference to the wishes of the majority of voters who put her in the office in the first place.

Oh, and say "hi" to Weiner for me. We sure miss him 'round these parts.

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