Monday, February 11, 2008

A New, More Robust KAR Design!

If you are reading this post, you are looking at the new and improved KAR design. As artistic director, it is my charge to make sure the Thunderjournal's image stays fresh and hip from an aesthetics point. The regular contributors to the content; Learned Foot etal, make sure that the posts are relevant, snappy, and riveting. This can be a tough job day in and out, as you other T-Journalists undoubtedly know.

So I started thinking of a way to make sure the readers of KAR were not getting "tired" of the look, without making too much of a departure from the brand. The result is what you see here. What before was just a partial infringement of the Koolaid trademark is now a lock, stock, and barrel rip-off with the incorporation of the familiar Koolaid font in the header. The header area has also been enlarged to allow more fun scenes with Koolaid Guy. You will also notice the brightening of the whole site by ditching the deep blue which was prominent in the old layout in favor of the eye-pleasing white space you see here.

We hope you like the new arrangement. If you do, make sure to weigh in on the sidebar poll.

Thankks for reading KAR!

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