Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ralph Nader: the Lint Trap of Democracy

I see Nader's making another go of it. And Flash, our resident "centrist" (who dollars to donuts will be pulling the lever for uber-liberal Obama over the moderate Republican McCain come November) (homework assignment: write a 100,000 word essay about how liberals abuse the English language to skew perceptions of reality in their favor; cite at least 100 examples) (I hope that word limit isn't too low) er, Flash - uh - ugh, what the hell was I writing about again? Too many parentheticals. Let's start that sentence over.

MOB resident "centrist" Flash issues the typical leftist lament whenever Nader opens his cake-hole during a leap year:

As we saw in 2000, this run will only serve one purpose, to allow for the split of the Democratic vote and allow for a plurality to continue us down this current insane path. Democrats all across the country are throwing bricks at their TV, while Republicans are cheering with joy.

Actually, I disagree. The way I see it, Nader actually filters out the voters that really have no business voting. You know, the ones who see Barack Obama as insufficiently liberal. The ones who believe that Fidel Castro provided 50 years of solid leadership, and that Soviet-style communism is the perfect system when implemented "correctly". The ones who sneer when they use the word "corporate" which is pretty much every other word out of their ignorant traps. You know- those morons who think this country was founded upon the "principle" of tolerance and forced charity rather than liberty.

Nader serves as a kind of poll tax or literacy test on precocious, college-aged trust fund brats majoring in "Peace Studies". Good for him! That he might have the effect of saving us from the far left-wing Tic candidate (though I doubt that will happen - I see McCain losing to Obama in double digits) is secondary in importance to his role of siphoning off votes that should never have been cast.

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