Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ryan Has Won a Major Award

We here at KAR would like to send out our heartfelt props to Friend of the ThunderJournal Ryan, who just received an accolade from his sensei:

The Mario Roberto Jiu-Jitsu Academy is proud to name RYAN RHODES our student of the month for January of 2008.

Ryan is one of our blue belts and a long time member of the MRJJA. He has impeccable form when it comes to technical drills, and his sparring skills have greatly improved during the past few months. Ryan seldom misses classes, and his sense of humor is a welcome addition to our training environment.

SENSEI: Bow to your opponent.

RYAN: [Bows. Releases 30 second long fart.]

He is a very talented writer, and you can check his blog here.

And be sure not to miss his dirty mushroom posts.

A warning to the new students: Rhodes is almost impossible to choke,

Possibly because he has no neck:

and possesses a plank-like living-rigor mortis capability (he is now starting to relax during training, though).

One rarely sees so many homoerotic double entendres in a single paragraph. "He won't choke and he gets real stiff boys! Frankie say 'relax'!"

I'd better stop there, since he could probably kick my ass.

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