Thursday, February 21, 2008

ThunderJournal Diarrhea (In Context)

Today's Strib editorial caught my eye because it used a poop term to describe blogging while defending Michele Obama's shame for her country. Since the twofold mission of KAR consists of 1) the deconstruction and criticism of the rhetorics of public affairs and 2) poop blogging, naturally, we must comment:

A popular and often thoughtful Twin Cities radio personality picked up on the Michelle Obama patriotism flap Tuesday night. It's important to have context, he said, explaining why the station would play more than a snippet of audio from Obama's controversial speech before opening up the phone lines.

Wonderful. In this era of talk radio, talk TV and diarrhea of the blog,

"The blog"? Which blog? I can only think of 2 that could even remotely be connected to runny poop (of course, there are thousands that can be compared to it).

In any case, I think the Strib editors still have a long way to go in their embrace of the new media.

context is anything over a minute.

This, my friends, is progress. A left-wing mouthpiece coming out in favor of context is a momentous step toward intellectual honesty. If only they would send the memo to NonMonkey who, last I checked, was still willfully misrepresenting what certain bridge ratings mean.

Critics want to use a quote from a campaign speech -- " ... For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country'' --to paint Michelle Obama as unpatriotic.

No. The whole patriotism thing is so worn, that word no longer possesses any meaning. What "critics" do want to use the quote for, is to point out that Ms. Obama is just another typical America loathing leftist, who wishes to use her deprecation of this nation as a crowbar to force in a bunch of socialist policies to "solve" some imagined "crisis." They're a dime a dozen.

This is especially important, since the Obama campaign (cult?) is all about "change". Yet Ms. Obama's statement tends to indicate that they're just another pair of hysterical flea-infested leftists bent on making others pay for their utopian vision.

Onward to what the Strib Editorial Board believes is "context":

In the interest of meaningful context, consider a Feb. 14 New York Times story on Obama's life and her role in her husband's campaign. Here's a summary:

Michelle Robinson Obama, 44, grew up in working-class Chicago family. Her maternal grandfather, a carpenter, was forced out of a job because, as a black man, he was not allowed to join a union. Her father worked for the city. Her mother stayed home and focused on the children. She limited their TV viewing, leaving the kids to play chess, read books and participate in sports. This was not a family that seemed at odds with their country. In fact, they were trying to achieve the American dream.

Her high school advisers tried to convince her not to apply to Princeton because they didn't think her academic scores were adequate. Although she graduated with honors in sociology, her Princeton counselors doubted her ability to get her law degree at Harvard. They were wrong.

She met her husband at a Chicago law firm, and eventually both were drawn to public service. Michelle founded the Chicago office of Public Allies, a national nonprofit leadership-training network for young adults. More recently, she's worked as vice president for community and external affairs for the University of Chicago's Medical Center. Her job, before she took a leave to campaign, focused on forming partnerships between the medical center and the poorer South Side neighborhood in which she grew up.

We get a Horatio Alger story.

So, to sum up the Strib's argument, such as it is, context requires that we acknowledge this story of a black woman who came out of lower-middle class origins in Chicago, who diligently took seriously her education eventually graduating from Princeton and Harvard law, who married well (a husband whom she found working at a law firm), and now is giving speeches on behalf of that husband who stands a better than fair chance of becoming president. And, according to the Strib - in one of the more spectacular non sequiturs this ThunderJournalist has ever seen - this is the proper context to understand why she hasn't been proud of her country until just very, very recently.

OK, Strib, I'll grant you that. She doesn't hate America. She's just incredibly blind.

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