Friday, February 29, 2008

What's The Only Thing More Stupid Than Maxine Waters?

Simple. The only thing more stupid than being Maxine Waters (R[acist Hag], CA) is kissing Maxine Waters' ass.

Like Steve "Don't Stop Believing (in Karl Marx)" Perry newly-minted Sorosblogger for the City Pages Daily Mole Minnesota Monitor.

Read this, in which Perry orders his readers to go to...:

...the 4:45 mark, when California Rep. Maxine Waters fires a fusillade of her own
in response to Bachmann's speech.

"Madame Speaker, I rise almost in disbelief that my friends on the opposite side of the aisle, led by Ms. Bachmann, would dare bring to this floor a motion that basically would say to us that the federal government cannot direct this issue on federal property. We own these public housing authorities... We are confronted with a problem in America. And that problem is, unfortunately and painfully, we have poor people who are isolated and they find their power and their strength in the gun. There are far too many guns raging every night in America in public housing authorities."

Go look for yourself!

Of course, Rep. Waters - and Steve - naturally, if someone's in public housing, their life isn't worth defending from all those guns that the owners of that property - the Feds - can't protect them from?

And Rep. Waters refers to "poor people who are isolated and they find their power and their strength in the gun" - is Steve "Ace Journalist" Perry sure he endorses the idea that poverty and crime are a cause-and-effect relationship?

Slapnuts Mr. Perry? If a Republican said that, you know damn well you'd be jumping up and down like Xerxes after pinching off a three foot loaf, chattering about "racism".

But this kind of thing is its own revenge. So read Perry's "article", and ponder the personal tragedy of a career that started as the sharp, respected editor of an important newsweekly, and has ended as Shift Manager at "McSoros" The Minnesota Monitor, with Jeff Fecke working the drive-through.

The only way it could get worse for Steve Perry? If Soros hires Brian Lambert as his district manager.

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