Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Do Liberals Hate Context?

Looks like someone was bored:

When you type "far left wing blog" into Google it's surprising what comes up. Would you like to go on a little adventure with me? Be prepared for some surprising twists and turns along the way as I take you to the sites I was sent to.

Wow! That'

Well, sad really.

But anyway, he went through with this brilliantly conceived scientific experiment (typing "far left wing blog" into google), and guess who came up #2?

The next place on our journey is "The Kool-Aid Report." The article at hand was published November 12, 2007. The article title is "Inside the Far Left-Wing DUMP (Drooling Unctuous Moronic Penisheads)". I don't know about this, it doesn't really sound like a title from a far left blog.

I think there might be a problem with your methodology.

Reading through the post all I got out of it was these guys need a life.

Says the guy who wrote a 24 paragraph post about a google search.

Dude, seriously. If you had my life, you'd burn yours.

I think they are conservative but, okay I admit it, I couldn't read the entire article, it was just that bad.

You know why it was unreadable? Hmm? Hmmm?

Because it was just one of several in a wonderful series of posts that subjected a deranged smear merchant to the same treatment he gave to others. There are many many things in that post that you wouldn't understand if you don't read KAR (i.e. the whole multifisk concept) or were not familiar with the local blogging scene and its resident obsessive stalkers (i.e references to "the Dump," the spot on impersonations of former Screw Magazine employee Ken Weiner, etc.). It also might have been helpful if you had clicked through some of the links provided in that post, which may have provided the needed background that you so obviously were missing.

See, it's called context. Something you failed to take into account when developing the brilliant plan for your research.

Get a clue.

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