Tuesday, February 05, 2008

You People Sicken Me

So last week I started a little poll to once and for all determine the answer to the important question "what is the greatest metal song ever"? After a few days, the top five separated themselves, but the outcome was far from certain. The lead changed so much, that the winner would have been determined largely by when I decided to end the poll.

So I took those top 5 and had a runoff. I figured that we would get a defininitve winner with a culled-down field.


Seriously. Can't you people do anything with out fucking it up? After 151 votes you come up with a 3-way tie?

Back in Black?

You suck.

Since I am the Keeper of the Poll and the MOB's arbiter of all things metal, I guess I'm just going to have to declare the winner myself. You people had your chance. You people are probably also the reason why an empty-skirt like Amy Klobuchar got like 75% of the vote.

Your failure is so unredeemingly complete, that the greatest metal song of all time didn't even make the top 5. Yes, your winner is:

It appears that most of the world concurs with my decision.

Shame on you.

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