Friday, March 28, 2008

Anatomy of a ThunderJournalist

The following is an actual conversation my 3 year old son Moonchild (MC) and I (LF) had yesterday. This is not satire, and I am not making this up:

MC: Know what, daddy?

LF: What?

MC: I got a penis!

LF: I know.

MC: Do you have a penis?

LF: Why yes, yes I do.

MC: We both got penises.

LF: That's right. Give me a bump!

[MC gives LF a fist bump]

MC: We got penises because we're guys.

LF: You are a very smart boy.

MC: Mommy and [The B] don't got penises.

LF: Right.

MC: Cuz they're girls.

LF: Yes.

MC: Girls don't have penises.

LF: Yes, we've already mentioned that.

MC: Guys have penises. And butts!

[The conversation pauses here for five minutes while LF breaks down in crippling, abdomen crushing hysterical laughter.]

LF: [composing self] Girls have butts too.

MC: Yeah, I guess. But not penises.

LF: And that's what's really important.

MC: Can I eat steak now?

Ryan and I are currently in a bidding war to get Moonchild to write for our respective ThunderJournals.

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