Friday, March 14, 2008

Answering Reader Searches

Since today is Frivolous Friday, I thought I'd respond to some reader search engine searches that, for whatever reason, brought them here to KAR.

"lyrics" dont you forget about me don't don't don't don't you forget about me say la la la la la la al

I believe what you are looking for is the Simple Minds' song counter-intuitively entitled "Don't You Forget About Me." Or Bill Clinton's farewell address.

Guy fucking dog.

Sorry. The guy you're looking for stopped blogging last week.

Spitzer swallows.


statistics on whether people prefer red or orange koolaid more

That, my friend, is a question for the ages. Yet I fear that you have left a small hole in your thesis, which is that to wit: there are more flavours of Kool aid beyond red or orange. What you have done here, dear sir is propose a false dichotomy that mustn't go unaddressed. Indeed you must also take into account the other major flavors such as purple, green, yellow, pink and Purplesaurus Rex. I'm glad that you came to me now so that I can enlighten your methodology, and thus prevent a most unfortunate embarrassment later, when you would have otherwise been required to defend your faulty PhD dissertation in front of the good faculty of Dartmouth.

"commerce clause" "broad interpretation"

Ah - a law talkin' question. Well, you've come to the right place.

A broad interpretation of the commerce clause occurs when Ruth Bader Ginsberg (or, until a couple of years ago, Sandra Day O'Connor) interprets the commerce clause.

How to keep anus and butcheeks smelling like Shit?

I find that avoiding toilet paper works best, combined with the forbearance of showering. And don't stop pooping. Don't ever stop pooping.

This - whatever it is - is over!

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