Friday, March 07, 2008

Fly On Your Wings Like an Eagle - Fly, Touch the Sun

Tomorrow on the Northern Alliance Radio Network:

Volume I “The First Team” - Chad, John and Brian will quote extensively from the Wall Street Journal from 11 to 1.

Volume II “The 2-Hour Dio Hour” - I will be off on assignment with Moonchild. However, Mitch and The Nihilist in Golf Pants will talk about the week that’s been, and The Nihilist will introduce his new weekly segment "List of Bastards I F***ing Hate." We do the 1-3 shift - AKA “the most important shift in local radio”.

Volume III, “The Final Word” - Bananaman and Michael will talk about what a brilliant addition the Nihilist's "F$#%&ing Bastards" segment is to the show. They’re on from 3-5.

So tune in to all six hours of the Northern Alliance Radio Network - the Twin Cities’ media’s sole guardians of sanity - while I teach moonchild how to mix Manhattans. On the air at AM1280 in the Metro, or streaming at AM1280’s Website, or via podcast at Townhall.

(Along with the Stroms, from 9-11, natch).

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