Saturday, March 08, 2008

Liveblogging the New and Improved NARN

NOTE 3/10: You can relive the magic (or, if you missed it, experience it for the first time) by listening to the podcast found here (Headliners hour 1, March 8, 2008) while reading the liveblog, the liveblog liveblog, and the delayblog of the liveblog and the liveblog's liveblog. Got that?

I'll be liveblogging the 1:00 hour of NARN. Blogspot is barfy right now, so this may not fly.

1:05 - It should be illegal for Chad to utter Brett Favre's name.

1:07 - They're stalling. Nihilist must be late. Took a little too long to serruptitiously siphon gas from the neighbor's car.

1:10 - Top Chef debuts Wednesday. If you were only listening to Chad blather about it, you never would have known that. Luckily, you have me.

1:11 - Project Runway is gay.

1:13 - More stalling. Yawwwwwn. I think I'll liveblog the Gopher's-Illinois game.

1:13 - Illinois 33, Gophers 29 - early 2nd half.

1:15 - Commercial. "I'm Andy Willoughby! How the fuck are you anyway?!"

1:20 - Production errors abound. Nihilist must be working behind the glass.

1:21 - "NARN Idol"? Everybody vote Chad out. Please.

1:22 - OMG!!!!!! Paul's had a stroke!!!! I hope he's OK.

1:23 - Never mind. That's how his voice always sounds.

1:23 - I had Chad pegged as more of the Paula Abdul sort.

1:24 - Ha ha! A shout out! No guys, since I can't be in the studio today, I'm taking a supplementary role. Just adding value; not trying to be a substitute.

1:26 - And we have Nihilist's first Ayn Rand reference at... 1:26. Mark!

1:27 - Springsteen sucks! Maiden 4ever!

1:28 - NIHILIST FACT CHECK! Geldof praised Bush for helping fight AIDS in Africa - not hunger as Paul asserts.

1:33 - Obama girl bumper music. gag. Play some MAIDEN!!!1111!!11

1:35 - Is Sisyphus liveblogging my liveblog yet?

1:37 - I smell a future Lori Sturdevant multifisk this week...

1:40 - The mayor sends his props in the comment thread: "This is a riot! Go LF go!"

1:41 - Just a reminder: this liveblog will be more meaningful less meaningless if you listen to the stream here (or on the radio) while reading.

1:42 - First Nihilist P-Diddy reference at 1:42...MARK!

1:43 - Why yes, I am sick of spam and viruses on my computer. Don't mind the racy banner ads so much...


1:47 - Shout out #2! (NOTE: I think Pinkmonkeybird liveblogged a NARN broadcast once. Now there's a guy who doesn't have a life.)

1:48 - Maybe NARN should give this Downey guy a shot at replacing Ed.

1:49 - CLOSED CIRCUIT TO MITCH & NIHILIST: Don't forget to plug the MilF.


1:51 - Hah! That "wazzzup" thing was kinda funny.

1:52 - Inver Grove Bites is a dump.

1:53 - Apparently Sisyphus has been liveblogging this liveblog. I have arrived.

1:56 - Do you think that if the Nihilist bumped into Lileks in the studio, there would a violent explosion like when matter collides with anti-matter. Perhaps Sisyphus the Physicist could shed some light on this.

1:58 - This hour - and this liveblog - is over!

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