Sunday, March 09, 2008

Moonchild: The Hef of the 3-Year-Old Set

While other bloggers are indulging their acute cases of Packer Derangement Syndrome, KAR rests on Sundays. I find the weekends an ideal time to bond with my family, and this weekend was no different. Well, it was slightly different.

Yes, this weekend was another "bachelor weekend" for Moonchild and I, as Mrs. Foot and The B traveled to Chicago to visit friends and family. As is typical when such an occasion arises, things got a little off da hook.

Since the grill is buried under 6 feet of snow, we had to forgo our usual flame broiled meat for dinner. So we went with the next favorite nosh of dudes, pizza:

After dinner, we played a little Guitar Hero. After a stirring 2-song set (Weezer's "My Name is Jonas" followed by an emotional performance of Muse's "Knights of Cydonia"), Moonchild concludes his encore of The Who's "The Seeker" by pretending to smash his guitar:

Parched from our Wii workout, Moonchild offers to shake us up some martinis:


We enjoyed Moonchild's delicious martinis whilst playing a game of heads-up poker. Here, we see Moonchild forcing me to go all in on the turn:

Moonchild cleaned me out. Fortunately, I was playing with proceeds from his college fund, so things turned out all square. All in all, it was another great Dudes' Weekend.

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