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Moron Mail

NOTE: To fully enjoy today's Moron Mail, read it while listening to KAR's official rant song.

People of Red Wing: what the hell is the matter with you?

Former state Rep. Phil Krinkie, now the head of the Taxpayer's League, wrote a scathing March 1 counterpoint directing venom and hostility at Rep. Neil Peterson for voting in favor of overriding the governor's transportation bill veto.

No. He wrote a reasoned piece that pointed out some gaping flaws of logic. Unfortunately, when you are a conservative Republican and you hand some Tic his own ass in an argument the Tic will inevitably will call it "venom and hostility". (See also, pretty much every comment Flash has left at Shot in the Dark in the past 6 months.) Don't believe me? Go read Krinkie's article. Show me the "venom" and "hostility" - I mean "venom" and "hostility" in the real meanings of those words; not the Lackoff-inspired typical institutional Tic abused English definitions.

Krinkie tries to mar the stellar character of Peterson, who along with fellow Republicans Rep. Jim Abeler, Rep. Kathy Tinglestad, Rep. Bud Heidgerken, Rep. Ron Erhardt and Rep. Rod Hamilton demonstrated the kind of courage advocated by our forefathers.

Yes. Courage.

Others might call it "stupidity". You know, like raising taxes going into a recession?

That kind of stupidity.

Daniel Webster once said: "In highly excited times it is far easier to fan and fuel the flames of discord than to subdue them. And he who counsels moderation is in danger of being regarded as failing in his duty to his party."

Hooray for the meaningless and inapt historical quote!

These representatives and senators took a stand for the people of Minnesota -- a stand to lower the fatality rate on our state's roads and highways, a stand to improve the congestion in the metropolitan area and a stand to improve our economy. They chose Minnesotans over petty party politics.

No, they chose to fund all those things by buttfucking (whoops! guess True North will have to pass on this one!) their constituents while we're entering a recession, rather than reprioritizing spending, not spending the money on stupid money holes (like choo choo trains), bonding or seeking other solutions (which might have include a modest gas tax increase IMHO). No, there was no discussion. Tics like our Moron of the Day here have been hell bent on raising taxes. They always want more. And there never will be enough.

For their courage, these representatives have been stripped of their leadership posts and severely chastised by the neoconservative

Godwin's Law Part II [The LearnedFoot Variant] - The more a left-wing doucebag bloviates, the likelihood of using the term "neocon" approaches one. Once neocon is invoked, the invoker automatically loses the argument whatever it might have been about.

component of the Republican Party all across Minnesota. This is terribly unfortunate. We need more politicians who show this kind of fortitude. I will be supporting each of their candidacies for reelection, both in their primaries and the general election.

And if you ever needed any more proof that there is absolutely no difference between the "Override 6" and the DFL, there it is.

There is a reason that Phil Krinkie is a "former" state representative.

A poison gas cloud floated into Shoreview causing all of its citizens to go senile? And incontinent?

Simply put, his style of skewing and misrepresenting facts

[Furiously rereading the letter]

What "facts" exactly did Krinkie "skew" or "misrepresent". Moron doesn't tell us. He just issues a conclusory statement after defining 6 deeply misguided politicians as "courageous" and barfing out a series of ad homina against Phil Krinkie.

revolted his constituents, and they removed him from office. Now he is lobbying for the Taxpayer's League -- a perfect fit! The depth of distrust and contempt for the Taxpayer's League among anyone who knows its tactics is deep and wide.

No, you fuckwit. The depth of contempt you DFL politicians have for the taxpayer is deep and wide. If it wasn't for wallet rapers like you, Senator, there'd be no need for the Taxpayer's League. You go around conning the electorate and justifying this "modest" increase saying things like "the gas tax increase will only cost the average taxpayer a cup of coffee a week." Which is, of course bullshit. It will cost the average taxpayer another cup of coffee a week. It's not like we already weren't shouldering one of the heaviest tax burdens in the country. How many cups of coffee is it up to now? Don't forget to factor in the increased sales tax and the skyrocketing tab fees.

And when are you going to get around to jacking up[ the income tax again? I know it's coming. And instead of scolding us about not "paying our fair share", how about a thank you before trying to wedge yourself further into my wallet? No, when we protest that we are already paying enough taxes, you cluck your tongues, call us "greedy wingnuts" and warn us about how we're going to turn into Alabama if you don't get to build that shiny new library (when there was nothing wrong with the old one). Last I checked, 'Bama's budget is one-fifth that of Minnesota with both populations being the same.

I'm not all that worried about it.

This is why I have my eye on the door. My current job doesn't allow me much mobility in terms of my choice of residence. I'm working on changing that. I can't stand being governed by elitist slapnuts like this jerk - along with his willing accomplices in the media and elsewhere - who slaps me and those like me in the face with one hand while reaching into our pockets with the other. Nothing would make me happier than to flip them the bird while I haul my tax-revenue-generating ass to a state that actually appreciates it and doesn't merely view me as a bottomless ATM machine.


Red Wingers: retire this greedy shithead. He's embarrassing you.

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