Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moron Mail

Today's safeword is: "turd".

Imagine a place where your own people would punish you for doing the right thing.

OK. I'm picturing an S&M dungeon.

Imagine a state that denounces you for having your own opinions.

A "state," being a political fiction and not a sentient person, cannot denounce anything. Ooooo - spank me again with more nonsense!

Imagine a party that fails to support you after years and years of loyalty.

A swinger party?

Oh yeah, that's the Republican Party,


which just punished members of its own caucus for doing the right thing and supporting the override of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's veto of the transportation bill.

Oh oh! Beat me across my thighs and buttocks with more non sequiturs logical fallacies!!

"Doing the right thing" assumes that the tax increase was the right thing to do. Let me out of these cuffs a moment so I can stick something up your anus for a change.

Thank goodness these six members have the courage to have their own thoughts.

OUCH! I guess I deserved that for my smart mouth. Of course Mistress is right: courage merely requires one to have "their own thoughts." Whether or not those own thoughts are moronic or against the platforms they ran and won on is not figured into the calculus.

Spank me some more...

It punishes its elected officials who vote their conscience rather than blindly vote the party line.

How many Tics "voted against the party line, mistress?

I, er, don't like where this is going...


No one likes to pay more taxes, but when potholes widen, roads deteriorate and bridges fall down, someone's got to fix them.

Please stop! Er... Turd!

That someone is us, not our children,


nor our children's children.


It is us.


You are a bad, mean, naughty moron mistress,


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