Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moron Mail

Oh, you knew it was coming (not a rickroll):

The rearrest of Sara Jane Olson should alarm us all.

And yet, it didn't. In fact, my reaction was more along the lines of exactly:

She was a smug and unrepentant terrorist who was getting a free pass from her Highland Park neighbors solely because she was a good little DFL fundraiser. Couldn't have happened to a better person.
Are we to believe Olson's release date was not scrutinized to its minutiae prior to her release?
Well, actually, yes we are to believe that. (Not a Rickroll)
In fact, if the extended sentence was not tacked on to her original sentence in an unlawful application of California's "Serious Offender" law, she would have been released and finished parole long ago, like all convicted of similar crimes.
Oh really? Was that addressed on appeal? If not, why not?
Oh, it was (from the above-linked non-rickrolled article):
Olson's convictions and appeals spanned 2001 to 2007, when an appellate court took a year off her sentence for the botched pipe-bombing. That dropped her time for that conviction to 12 years, half of which she served.
And our Moron of the Day knew about that appeal (not a Rickroll-- and you gotta click that link and read the last four grafs)
That the law enforcement authorities can seize Olson at the airport just days after her release is chilling to say the least.
If you consider forcing a felon to serve out her term chilling, then yes it is chilling.
It will, in the end, be proven that her release was proper and overdue,
Er, no it won't. See above linked non-rickrolled article. The first one.
but not before her family spends many thousands more on legal costs and Olson spends many more months in unwarranted incarceration.
So, getting a 12 year sentence (eligible for parole after 7 under the correct calculation) for bank robbery, planting pipe bombs and SECOND DEGREE F-ING MURDER is "unwarranted".
If Soliah weren't an active Tic, would you have even written this letter?
We must not tolerate this gross abuse of power by law enforcement and corrections officials. The analogy to fascism by Olson's attorneys is not an exaggeration.
Only to the extent that felons and domestic terrorists are not to be punished if they're affiliated with the correct party.

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