Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Open Thread for Chad and Sisyphus to Discuss Hockey

Some lesser-talented bloggers hate sports. It goes without saying that we here at KAR love sports. Whether we're breaking down the March brackets or noticing how bad the Nihilist in Golf Pants is at picking NFL games ATS, sports are the butter to this ThunderJournal's bread.

Admittedly, however, we have been awfully heavy on football and baseball postings, while fairly light on others; except for when Sisyphus, Chad or some hoser who googled "hockey sucks" threadjacks a post. So in an effort to cram a wider array of sports into KAR, I offer this thread to my Northern Alliance colleagues Sisyphus and Chad to make up for the lack of hockey discussion at KAR.

Or to make Elliot Spitzer blow job jokes. Whatever.

Sisyphus and Chad only, please.

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