Monday, March 03, 2008


Mitch notes that it's almost time again for the City Pages' Best of the Cities Awards; and among them, the most prestigious is the coveted Best Locally Generated Blog (Right Wing):

It’s getting to be that time of year - time for the City Pages’ “Best Blogs” competition!
Now, if you’ve followed this tradition, you know it’s actually two awards:

BEST LOCALLY GENERATED BLOG (LEFT-WING): Previous winners, MNVolved and Clucking Spoo - leftyblogs that laid a thin veneer of humor (MNVolved) or gimmick (the Stool) over strident, constant, headbanging left-leaning politics.

BEST LOCALLY GENERATED BLOG (RIGHT-WING): Previous winners, Nihilist in Golf Pants and Faithmouse - right-leaning blogs that don’t write about politics all that very much.
So the handicapper’s game is to figure out:

Which leftyblog puts the “hippest” gimmick (or, given that “pseudo-hip” is the new “hip”, perhaps one of those instead) on top of the most strident left-leaning point of view, and
which right-leaning blog puts the thinnest possible veneer of rightward tilt over the least-political content possible

I would also note that last years' Best Right Wing Blog award went to the most cryptic and incoherent conserv-o-blog. This same criterion may also have played some role in the Nihilist in Golf Pants' win in 2006, insofar as when JB, Saint Paul, Sisyphus and the Nihilist himself weren't posting, that blog did (and still does) tend to get pretty incoherent.

So after the cryptic and incoherent cartoon blog Faithmouse won last year's honor, I decided to mimic its winning formula and rolled out KAR's very own unintelligible (but highly proprietary) freebie-mag style art-fuck toon, which I lovingly named "Fleen". Unfortunately, as the year has worn on, I have forgotten about the Fleen franchise. But thanks to Mitch's reminder, I still have time to make my impression on the City Pages before they render their decision. With the return of this this winning formula, I have no doubt that KAR will be the first Northern Alliance blog (or ThunderJournal) to win Best Local Right Wing Blog honors.

So without further ado, I present the impenetrable return of Fleen:

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