Friday, March 14, 2008

Scientific Proof that I Suck Less than Some Totally Random Commie-Blogger

A Google search for "LearnedFoot sucks" returns a mere 234 hits.

However, a Google search for "Phoenix Woman + delusional psycho" produces a whopping 5,280 hits.

Which is conclusive proof that while I may suck a little, the consensus seems to be that this Phoenix Woman person goes through tinfoil like Kleenex.

Conclusive proof.

Iron Matron adds:

I did a Google "image search" for Phoenix Woman:

The Head of Alfredo Garcia adds:

This thread sparked my curiosity. Since "number of google searches" equals "progressive reality", I figured I'd see what other facts we could divine.

Like this one. And this one. Or this.

I just love facts!

As long as people are seemingly randomly adding to this post, Xerxes adds:

A Google Image Search--GIS if you're a Farker--for "Dirty Mushroom."

Curious. Developing.

LearnedFoot Jumps Back into the Fray for the Win:

723,000. Q.E.D.

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