Saturday, March 01, 2008

Top 11 Things Found in Noted Marquette Alumnus Denbo's Colon

Noted Marquette Alumnus Denbo underwent his first colonoscopy yesterday a mere 20 years after such a procedure is recommended for a man his age. Happily, his colon was found to be in excellent health. We salute Denbo's diligence by declaring today Colon Health Awareness Day (CHAD), and posting the top 11 things found in his colon.

11. Bacon

10. Notre Dame's milkshake

9. A Lego (not sure how that got there, but we suspect Moonchild)

8. Four unfinished Nick Coleman columns

7. More bacon

6. The Lindbergh baby

5. Rudy Giuliani's campaign

4. A spoon (from that one time his famous trick went horribly, horribly awry)

3. His pride

2. 30 years worth of impacted fish fries

1. A diamond

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