Thursday, March 13, 2008

You May Beat Tiger Woods, But You Can't Lick the MilF

Summer is a mere 3 months away, meaning that the annual difinitive rite of Summer, The Annual KARNation Millard Fillmore Memorial Open Championship Golf Outing Charity Classic Presented by Kia Motors, is imminent.

I'm going to run things a little differently this year, so listen up biznitches:

1) Everybody who either played in MilF '07 or attended the 2007 PostMilF Gala and Awards Ceremony will automatically be on the mailing list this year. Only folks that did not participate in either or both of those events last year, need to contact the tournament chair at:

if they wish to play or party at the PostMilF.

2) Instead of polling everybody as to which date works the best, I'm just going to throw one out there. Yes, mark your calendars (in pencil) and save the following date:

FRIDAY JULY 18th, 2008
FRIDAY JULY 25th, 2008

Of course, this date is not firm. If it's a problem for too many people, we'll move it. Tee times should be around the same time, but we may push them back to 1:00 PM pursuant to the Nihilist in Golf Pants' excessive bitching last year.

3) I'm going to try and pull back on the emailings this year, so please post questions, concerns and insults directed at Chad the Elder's weak game to this and future MilF comment threads. However, the tournament Committee will get in touch with everybody on the mailing list within the next couple of weeks to iron out details, take complaints and presumably come up with a new date.

Yes that's a lot of changes, but I am sure they will be welcome. After all, we keep hearing how good change is. Happily, some traditions will return:

a) I presume the Surly Dave will remain our Master of Sausages, as the position is his for life.

2) Chad the Elder will talk a big game only to come up with a lame excuse at the last minute to get out of playing.

D) Something will get blowed up.

(iv) The Jeffie "The Wingnut Slayer" look-alike contest will return.

(&) Andy will tread the Road Not Taken. Every hole.

4^10) Inanimate objects will be molested.

:-) The Head will liveblog

=> Foot's mammoth tee shots will make women swoon and men faint.

7) Beer!

[Q] Fabulous cash prizes!

...And much, much more.

All you have to do is get on the list. Email your Open Championship hosts to get put on the mailing list, or use this thread.

MilF 4: Bigger. Badder. Sexier. Spitzer.

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