Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

I think we can close the book on Joe Bodell and the stupid "dog". Having had ample time to peruse 3-plus years of my scribblings, they have been unable or unwilling to point to any proof of their assertion that I am some fire-breathing hate monger. I mean, other than the fact that KAR shares space on a blogroll with some blog that I never read and never link to.

It's that kind of brilliance we've come to expect (and I should mention has flared up quite a bit lately) from those who value power more than humanity, yet lack the intellectual firepower to actually persuade. Instead, they're always trying to classify people; create divisions based on arbitrary (and often irrelevant) traits as if there can be any bright lines between discrete groups of individuals.

It's easier to hate a faceless group than an individual. And in their world, the mere accusation is proof. That's why they're always trying to pool their "enemies" into as large of a group as possible and paint them all with the same smear.

Why do they hate so much?

I think I know. But I'll leave it to the feeble-minded fools to figure out why that is. That is, if they're even capable of such introspection. I doubt it. They'd actually have to stop attacking people with cheap, facile and ultimately misleading smears for a moment and engage thieir maldeveloped minds.

Their self esteem won't allow it.

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