Friday, April 25, 2008

Bayeux Sophistry


Standard Right Wing Smear tactics, allow the standard bearer to take the high road while the surrogates do the dirty work.

Say all you want about the slugfest going on in the Democratic Primary contest, at least they have the courage to do their own dirty work!

Sigh. It's like he thinks if he repeats it enough outfits like this, this, this (the election fraud surrogate), this or this (which alone dropped a different glossy, expensive-looking John Kline hit piece in my mailbox every day for 2 weeks right before the 2006 elections) will magically evaporate from everyone's consciousness.

And that's not the end of all the disingenuous BS he packed into that one tiny post (like his hilarious attempt to characterize the North Carolina Republican Party as a "surrogate" for the Republican nominee for president; but I digess) .

Alas, I've grown tired of it. It's gotten old, and thus deserves an equally old:

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