Monday, April 21, 2008

Dumpster To e-Democracy Blogger Search: "Pick Me! Pick Me!"

Steven Clift at is "Seeking Minnesota Blogger contacts."
Does anyone out there have a contact list of Minnesota bloggers?

E-Democracy.Org will be using this information to contact bloggers about the Minnesota Minute video project and if in Greater MN, about the Rural Voices initiative.

Mitch nicely offered up the MOB, Fraters, and True North:
The Minnesota Organization of Bloggers is the biggest active group of bloggers in the state - indeed, probably the nation.

"True North" is an offshoot of the MOB; it's a group blog, and is overtly center-right conservative. But TN (unlike the MOB) is explicitly political in nature, and has some of the more outspoken bloggers writing for it.

I bet Le Dumpstere Diva slipped on her drool running to the keyboard to dis the MOB and some of its members:
The MOB is all right-wing bloggers with the exception of Flash (Centrisity), whose blog seems center left. It also includes fringe blogs like antistrib, who regularly do racist posts to build their traffic. One notorious example is a post about "Dirt Worshiping Heathens" to describe Native Americans.

Oooh, that left a mark. Next on her hate crimes list: True North.
Look True North is definitely partisan, and includes people like Janet Boynes - Michele Bachmann's Ex-Lesbian side-kick. That's not exactly mainstream.

It must be hard not to be crazy-envious when you're the polar opposite on the attractiveness scale, and the afore-mentioned are given national press while you beg daily for any reader to come to your pathetic newz site. Diva then attempts to pimp her blog by posting her feigned investigative journalism on poor fellow Bachmann stalker dumpster victim Karl Bremer, and adds several links to her site.
MOB and Look True North Blogger Drew Emmer posted an item on Look True North listing home, work phone numbers and home address and photo of Karl Bremer - a private citizen who disagreed with him. The post has since been taken down.

Drew wrote in to MN Mon to clarify, and said True North set the post straight. But Diva's not interested in that part, she's just hoping her three links will add hit numbers to her Site Meter account and garner a spot in Clift's coveted search for bloggers.

As to Diva's blogging capabilities, Foot recently caught "private citizen" Bremer in a majestic FAIL, and Diva's anonymous Wikipedia exploits. Looks like it's back to the old dumpster drawing board.


Curious. Whiner Young is whining on some moonbat listserv? How rediculous!

(See, IM? That's how you write a stalkerblogger post. Please stick to the stylesheet from now on.)

So the petulant hippo slanderblogger tries to smear some 100 blogs by pointing to a single stupid post on a single stupid blog that gets three-quarters of its traffic from google images searches for "Kari Byron"?

Is that it?

It's an awful tactic employed by awful people.

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