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Since I'm the last remaining moderate ThunderJournalist who has an objective eye and a respect for facts, no one is better suited than I to analyze Flash's latest defense of his brainwashers Drinking Liberally buddies. Let us begin.

My friendly troll commenter helped gather some information in his attempt to discredit my well documented and rock solid post on Mike's motivations as a blogger.

This is a typical Flash tactic. Step one: Assert something; Step two: proclaim it as unassailable fact. Step three: drool on self (or something).

He tends to think that blogger credibility is determined by MSM links, but he apprerently [sic] is not familiar with what a press consultant does, and what his roles is [sic]. It goes a lot further than just reprinting press releases.

And we have seen from Mike's writing style he struggles with putting words together for more than a few sentences,

And here we pause to laugh at the irony.

because he must be very careful with his use of pronouns and prepositions to give himself just enough wiggle room. The more important role of a press consultant is pushing stories, calling contacts, and seeing how fast you can get the snowball to roll down the hill.

So you're saying MDE is a press consultant, then?

So what?

No one has ever doubted Mike's ability to do his job and do it well. But since Fall of 2006 there is no hint on his current disclosure form as to what he has been doing as one who readily admits "I have spent most of my entire professional career working in Minnesota politics and public relations." Not a word as to how he is paying the bills as an admitted paid professional political consultant.

So what? This is a question that Flash and his cronies never seem to answer when they raise these charges. So what if he's getting paid by the GOP? The name of his site (as has been pointed out many times only to sail right over their pointy little heads) is "Minnesota Democrats Exposed." It is not "Minnesota Monitor" funded by an umbrella group called "Center for Independent Media."

It's an important distinction that they always dismiss without justification. Either Flash and his little buddies are dumb, or they think everyone else is.

I do not begrudge anyone for [sic] their career, and I could care less, frankly, if Mike was Coleman's Campaign Chairman, but why hide it. [sic] Tom Swift, in his designated role as ScaifeNet [sic] attack dog hasn't once addressed the issue at hand, and instead has proven my point. That Mike continues to works [sic] his craft as a press consultant by successfully building story lines and pushing them through the media.

Who are free to print or reject the story.

That isn't credibility as much as it is his chosen career path. I am just respectfully requesting that Mike honor the standard he set for himself

[Blockquote]"I am continually aware of my responsibility to disclose any conflict that could tarnish the effectiveness of my blog."[End Blockquote]

And what would be the conflict. An overtly partisan attack blogger ("Minnesota Democrats Exposed" - I mean, either it's a Republican attack blog or its a porn site featuring some very nasty looking women) being paid by the party he is not attacking? That is a definition of "conflict" with which I am unfamiliar.

If it only takes a few pennies trickled down after being passed through a couple different organizations to be under the control of a Left leaning partisan,

Whoa, there pardner! A "few pennies"? Let's do the tally:

According to its website The Center for Independent Journalism pays its fellows $1500 a month. The Center lists over 30 "fellows" here, and though the names may have changed, I think it's safe to assume that the numbers have not (and are probably increasing). But we'll stick with the conservative 30 figure.

That's $45,000 per month, just on stipends. Or, to put it in Flash's terms: 4,500,000 pennies.

Per month.

Then there's also the Lexis-Nexis subscription available to each "fellow" - though not the industry premium, it is definitely not cheap - and the host of other Media Matters alumni and liberal activist staffers who I am sure do not work for free.

If you've been reading KAR for any amount of time, you know there are few things that chap my ass more than the use and abuse of the language to mislead, condescend and insult my intelligence.

Flash's "few pennies" line falls squarely into that ambit.

Of course, he will try to come back with some line of B.S. like "Well only a small fraction - pennies - come from Soros. Yeah, that's what I meant," as if he would have knowledge of such things. But all indications are that the seed money came from one of Soros' organizations, and the other major donors and donor organizations aren't exactly flag-waving Che-haters.

Eh. It matters not. Flash is desperately trying to show a double standard where none exists; he being "fair-minded" and objective and all.

At least that's what I think he's trying to prove. Flash tends to struggle with putting words together for more than a few sentences. And it shows.

what is it when that money is handed directly to someone in the form of a payroll check. Or is it, as Spotty suggests, just a tin cup that is used to keep food on the table.

When you cite The Bitch, you have already lost the argument.

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