Thursday, April 03, 2008

In Which the Pot Calls the Pot Black

Here's a scoop - leftybloggers tend to be unhinged hate-filled douchebags. This article should tie off the events of this week nicely.

Some say acrimony is rampant among liberal and progressive bloggers who debate the merits of the Democratic presidential candidates almost nonstop the divisiveness potentially exacting a toll on the party itself.

Acrimony? Liberal bloggers?


This is news?

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly yesterday cited both "venom" and "liberals brutalizing liberals" on Web sites partial to either Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama.

Obviously, since Bill O'Reilly said it, it can't possibly be true.

(Now I see how Bodell does it. Thinking is easy when you never have to think!)

Vitriol is brewing among Democrats, Mr. O'Reilly said, singling out the Daily Kos in particular as a "hateful left-wing Web site" that slammed Mrs. Clinton as a "coward" and "degenerative liar," among other things.

Name calling? On Kos? I. Am. Shocked.

Markos Moulitsas, who founded the site six years ago, denies there's a political breach among his online brethren.

"While I'm touched by Bill O'Reilly's concern for our party, tell him not to worry. Unlike his show, where critics have their mics cut off and escorted out by Fox security, us progressive bloggers have no problem debating and disagreeing with each other," Mr. Moulitsas said yesterday.

That's right. Leftybloggers just keep changing their comment policy until everyone gets fed up trying to comment. It's a much more passive-aggressive approach than shutting mics off, but it has proven to be quite effective.

Well, sometimes they'll just shout "STRAWMAN" at you 100 times until you submit. But that tactic has become much rarer due to the ever-dwindling number of people with brains or lives who even bother engaging these loony toons anymore.

"We are seeing the major blogs splitting into pro-Obama and pro-Clinton sites. There's a noticeable trend among those who favor Obama to go to Daily Kos, and for the Clinton fans to go to [blogger] Taylor Marsh," said Ian Faerstein, editor and writer for "The Blogometer," a frequently updated gauge of the blogosphere psyche on National Journal's Hotline, a daily online political briefing.

Liberals organizing themselves into exclusive identity groups. Again - this is all so new to me...

Things get particularly testy in "threads" of discussion posted by visitors to the sites, he said.

And this is why the invention of the Rickroll has been a godsend to me. You can make some little prig suffer a little, while at the same time not actually having to take the time to refute his 22-point error and falsehood-riddled comment/manifesto/non sequitur/ad hominem nonsense.

Indeed. On March 14, a frequent female blogger at the Daily Kos announced she would no longer contribute to the site, noting in an open letter: "I've decided to go on 'strike' and will refrain from posting here as long as the administrators allow the more disruptive members of our community to trash Hillary Clinton and distort her record without any fear of consequence or retribution."








Trashing and distorting? That's all these fuckers know how to do.

Oh that's rich. Let me summarize the last week in leftyblogger logic for you:

"Anti Stribber writes something racist. AntiStrib is on a blogroll. Therefore all bloggers on all 120 blogs on that blogroll are racist scum."

Some lefty is bitching because her messiah preferred candidate is getting trashed and her record distorted? Cry me a fricking river, loser. That's all you dimwits know how to do.

OUCH! I wrenched my back from all that petard hoisting.

But Mr. Faerstein downplays the idea that "front page" bloggers such as Mr. Moulitsas or Ms. Marsh are locked in mortal combat.

"The front-pagers will unite with the front-runner when the time comes," Mr. Faerstein said.

At which time they will all commence trashing McCain and distorting his record.

Some have their own issues, though.

That may be the understatement of the year.

"The Democratic primary race has revealed a secret sexism among some of the biggest and most elite male-run blogs that has obliterated their credibility. Let's just say, 'Clinton derangement syndrome' is no longer simply confined to conservatives," Ms. Marsh said yesterday.



Oh man is this fun to watch.

Can we finally agree, NOW, that whenever some drooling slander merchant plays the [Fill in the victim identity] card that they are doing nothing more than trying to silence the opposition? I mean, if they're now accusing their own fellow enlightened "progressives" of being [Fill in the victim identity]ists merely because they don't support the correctly-identitied candidate, can we consider this the death blow to one of the most poisonous rhetocial gimmicks invented in the last 30 years.

Well, unless accused defend himself by saying "I'm not a [Fill in the victim identity]ist." As we all know, that just proves that he is.

Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Steven Grossman characterized the online disagreements as a "microcosm" and a "subset" of the conflicting passions of Obama and Clinton supporters that eddy around the political landscape.

"We need to get beyond it," Mr. Grossman said, insisting that Democrats ultimately will opt for civility.

Don't count on it. Narcissism combined with impotent rage can be too persistent to sublimate for long.

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