Thursday, April 24, 2008

Metallica Can Teach Us a Lot About the Next Presidential Election

Die by my hand
I creep across the land
--"Creeping Death" by Metallica

She's still alive, and even though her prospects aren't supposed to be that great, I've got a creeping feeling that Hillary is going to win the nomination. Hence the song choice.

And what could possibly result from that? (Besides pestilence and death, I mean.)

Well, for one thing, we get to deal with a round of race riots 40 years after the '68 riots, which would be just way too disturbing. Not as disturbing as President Hillary, but still...

(Seriously, it's like she's the star animatronic creation for Disney World's "It's a Creepy and Vaguely Nonhumanoid World After All" attraction.)

Hang onto your butts, people. And hope that I'm wrong as usual.

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