Friday, April 18, 2008

A Salute to Heroes -- A Very Special Friday Bacon Post

We often take bacon for granted. After all, we needn't do more than pick up a neatly shrink-wrapped package of it at our local grocery store or order a pound of it at our favorite restaurant in order to enjoy its salty, smoky porky goodness.

But we need to remember the heroes that make bacon possible; many of whom are paying a steep price for our bacony pleasure:

Eighteen pork plant workers in Minnesota, at least five in Indiana and one in Nebraska have come down with a mysterious neurological condition they appear to have contracted while removing brains from slaughtered pigs, U.S. researchers and health officials said on Wednesday.

(Don't read the whole thing. It gets much grosser.)

Please keep these pork plant worker-heroes in your thoughts and prayers. Bacon isn't free.

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