Thursday, April 17, 2008

Too Easy Peurile Stupid to Fisk

NonMonkey continues knowing stuff. Apparently some anti-self-defense types held a "die-in". Here's how NonMonkey described them:

The die-in (it was called a lie-in, actually) was organized by Protect Minnesota, an umbrella group representing five gun-control organizations pushing for tighter rules on sales and universal background checks on buyers. Thirty-two people wore black T-shirts that said, "Minnesotans Against Being Shot" as well as ribbons of maroon and orange (Virginia Tech's colors) made by families of the victims. One by one, to the solemn beat of a drum, they went down on the Capitol steps and remained motionless, as if asleep.

Oh, there were some there also who held the contrary view that if someone is going to shoot you you might as well just let them. Penishead described them too:

OK, it was one of those media events that is easy to mock and, indeed, it was mocked by a few underemployed members of the gun-rights lobby who couldn't resist the temptation to spoil a somber moment [oh, spare me --ed.] by holding up frat boy signs to the effect that a teacher or student packing heat could have stopped the carnage, which is the kind of thing I wonder about when a cop gets shot.

No word on the employment status or fraternal society membership of the self-reverential "demonstrators".

Ah. Journalism.

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