Wednesday, April 23, 2008


After an entire year of Fleen - my brazen attempt at currying favor with the City Pages' hipster-doofus staff - the new annual Best of the Twin Cities Issue has finally arrived. And now we are able to see how effective our bizarre campaign to win the prestigious Best Local Blog (right-wing) title was.

And the results are as follows:

(Drum roll please...)

[a hush falls over the crowd]

City Pages eliminated the category.


[Pinching bridge of nose]

I refuse to accept this result.

City Pages doesn't want to name a Best Right-Wing Local Blog? Fine. I'll do it for them.

In the usual place atop the sidebar, you will find a poll. You have the choice between the two obvious (and greenest!) contenders for this title, along with a "none of the above" answer choice for you single-digit-traffic or traffic-whoring types. The winner will get to display this official graphic on his or her ThunderJournal in perpetuity:

One vote per computer per day.

*mutter* I can't believe I wasted all that time creating that stupid fucking comic for a non-contest. *mutter* *mutter* Dumbass! Double dumbass! *mutter* *mutter* *mutter*

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