Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What's in a Name?

BILL: 'Sup Foot?

FOOT: 'Sup?

BILL: Whatcha doing?

FOOT: Watching the Brewers game.

BILL: Who they playing?

FOOT: The hated, yet benign, Cubs.

BILL: So, how do they look.

FOOT: Well, the Brewers' lineup is as potent as ever, but they've got serious issues with their closer.

BILL: I see.

FOOT: And the Cubs have this new center fielder that's just a monster at the plate.

BILL: Oh, really? What's his name?

FOOT: "Fukudome"

BILL: ...

FOOT: ...

BILL: I, uh...

FOOT: Yes?

BILL: I believe that it's pronounced "Fukudome"; not the extremely vulgar way you did it.

FOOT: Ah so.

BILL: You know, this bit would have been a lot funnier if I was the one watching the game, and you were asking me the guy's name.

FOOT: Fukudome.

BILL: No it's pronounced...

BILL: ...

BILL: Oh, I see what you did there. I'll leave now.

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