Thursday, May 29, 2008

Conn, Sonar: Crazy Ivan!

NOTE: This post has also intentionally been left blank. Please disregard.


Situation has deteriorated. No response from our contact since last communique. Suspect he has been compromised. Meanwhile, "Phoenix Woman" has escalated her attacks by posting her expose of our mission specifically naming undercover TANGO CHARLIE informants on another blog. We have seen this tactic before, most notably by the notorious Ken "The Weiner" Weiner. Recommend all agents follow the link at the bottom of this post and leave as many anonymous comments under different pseudonyms as possible denying everything. Avoid contact with "Phoenix Woman" at all costs. She is extremely clever, well informed and obviously well grounded in reality. (I would say that she is also "batshit insane," but that would be an insult to both insane people and bat shit.) Proceed with caution, and may God be with us.

*End communication*


Nothing to see here. Move along now.

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